What did we humans learn from the corona pandemic?

Abhinav Swatantra
2 min readJan 9, 2021

The human race has seen catastrophic events many times throughout evolutionary history. We have seen how every time these mega-events prove to us how powerless we are compared to the enormous natural forces.

Lessons learned from Corona Pandemic
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However, we seem to have learned little from these events. Once we bounce back, each time forgetting what we have been through, we get self-consumed thumping our chest in exhilaration as if we own all-encompassing eternal existence. It is quite amusing, on the contrary, how our race is so young and insignificant compared to the grand scheme of things.

The world comes to a standstill due to pandemic
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Even though we are too little and young compared to our mother planet earth that we live on, we are, by far, the smartest species that ever lived on the earth.

Therefore, it is imperative to examine how we have evolved over the past few centuries-what have we learned from these natural calamities?

Social distancing resulting into families coming closer
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Questions we need to ask ourselves:

  1. Did we come closer to our families?
  2. Did we help those in need?
  3. Did we learn to spend little and save more?
  4. Did we wonder how life has more to it than what we usually perceive?
  5. Did our companies realize the need to substantiate sustainable and inclusive policies?

The answer to most of the questions above-more likely than not- would be ‘yes’, but a greater question is how are we going to act on our resolution that promises a better world for all?